Our Story

Our story of having twins born with Neuroblastoma

My husband Casey and I welcomed our first child Savannah in January of 2012. She was our life, she is such a sweet girl, very smart, and easy going. We definitely weren’t thinking we were going to have any more kids for awhile.

But in December 2012 we found out we were expecting twins! I was put on bedrest in May of 2013 due to risk of preterm delivery of the twins.


Life changed very fast, and we had no other choice than to come up with a “new normal” adjusting to life in the cancer world.

I had a scheduled c-section August 12, 2013 at 38 weeks along.

We were expecting happy, healthy baby boys. We were so excited for Savannah to meet her brothers. Gage and Jace looked healthy at birth but the pediatrician noticed a distended abdomen on baby Jace. He had an ultrasound that day that confirmed a mass in his tummy. He was immediately airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, MN.

The following day the pediatrician decided to do a preventive ultrasound on baby Gage because they shared a placenta.  This ultrasound showed lesions in his liver. He was then airlifted to Children’s Hospital to join his brother.

Life changed very fast, and we had no other choice than to come up with a “new normal” adjusting to life in the cancer world.

At just eight days old Gage and Jace were diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma, a pediatric cancer that affects the nervous system.

At 10 days old they had their first of eight rounds of chemotherapy.

During this journey we have learned a lot of things we never knew. We had never heard of an infant born with cancer.

Life was an emotional rollercoaster for the first six months of Gage and Jace’s life.

Even with this our twins were very fortunate, and are now known as cancer survivors.

I like to refer to them as “normal babies” now.

It amazed us at how many children and families have to deal with the cancer life. So many parents have had to deal with worse circumstances than our own.

We are also very interested in funding research, believing there are better treatments yet to be discovered that will not be so toxic, and having less side effects in the short term as well as long term.

Our fight is NOT over.

The twins will be followed by their doctors for life. There are many more children that are fighting, have lost their battle, and who have yet to be diagnosed.


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